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Where I Went Wrong”

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This thing is so damn good. If you needed a country music album to shoot into outer space to represent country music to other civilizations or bury in a vault so when humans blow themselves to smithereens there’s something to repopulate country music with, Where I Went Wrong would not be a bad candidate.”

– SavingCountryMusic.com
(Two Guns Up – 9/10 )

“Perhaps The Broken Spokes should consider the subtitle of the next album to be “Where We Went Right”, because this album is an affirmation of doing everything right, from the vocals and instrumentation through to the original compositions and outside song choices.”

– LonesomeHighway.com

“While there might have been a plethora of bands of this ilk 20 years ago, they would’ve found it hard to better this outfit. The Broken Spokes have the chops, knowledge, respect and the tunes. Love ’em.”

– Country Music People Magazine
(5/5 Stars)